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Dumper trucks


We dispose of a wide fleet of dumper trucks specialised in the transport of loose goods. Our long time collaboration with a multiplicity of customers allows us to leverage on scale economies; various equipments and transport capacities can be implemented depending on the case. Dumpers main activity is carried out in the farming sector, in relation to the different harvests and to the fertilizing products, but our teams can offer you a customized service in every branch, with the aim of ensuring you an optimal service.


Dumpers represent an important quote of our business, that’s why we can count on a deep knowledge and competence in the farming sector, as well as in the zoo technical and waste disposal one.
We offer our clients an excellent service. Our trucks differ in the doors opening systems, so to appropriately and quickly meet the clients’ needs. We also dispose of various transport tanks, as a guarantee of an extensive range of specific services.

Our capacities give us the freedom to take care of your cargo from storage to delivery. From small cargo to cargo of grand scale.