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Total Quality


We have always aimed to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, both regular and potential, so to change them into our own standards, in full compliance of the regulations en force.
For this reason, the required services are carried out with the maximum attention, ensuring reliability and high professionalism, timeliness and precision, caring for the integrity of the product as well as the safety of the transport.
On these prerequisites we have developed our Quality System, certified since 1998 by the accredited authority CERTIQUALITY and steadily implemented, following the Quality requirements of ISO9001 laws, occupational safety and traffic laws. It is about a management systems that aims at improving the client’s satisfaction and ensure at the same time the environmental safety, both critical points in CARP’s operational philosophy.
These goals can be reached only through the engagement of the whole staff, in an atmosphere that boosts motivation, personal growth and involvement. Training and professionalism of the associates, the partner and all the staff is crucial.
In order to keep high professional standard, all truck are equipped with GPS tracker, to locate goods at every time everywhere.